Local Business COVID-19 Impact Survey

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How has your businesses been impacted by COVID-19?
Check all that apply
Currently, what is your major business concern regarding COVID-19?
Is your chamber currently providing support concerning COVID-19?
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Does your business have a crisis management, business continuity or emergency operations plan to guide your efforts when dealing with emergencies like COVID-19?
If you do not have a crisis management plan in place, you are in good company. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, only 65% of businesses do. For that reason, we've made access to resources available by contacting us through the following channels:
Have you cancelled or are you considering cancelling any upcoming events due to COVID-19?
Have other community events in your region been cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19?
If events have been cancelled, was that the result of public sector mandates (mayor, governor, legislature) or private sector decision-making?
What steps have you taken to communicate with registrants for upcoming events or adjust promotion for upcoming events?
If you have canceled an event, do you plan to reschedule?
How has your event registration and sponsorship been impacted?
Check all that apply
Has your business cancelled business travel plans due to COVID-19?
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Has travel been restricted or eliminated by:
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 If your community does experience a rise of COVID-19 cases, what role do you expect the Chamber to play?
Do you have any pressing workforce or employment needs?
Do you have any job openings that need to be filled due to COVID-19?
Have you had to lay employees off due to COVID-19?
If you would like to learn about workforce resources that can help prevent layoffs?
How can The Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce best support your needs in terms of COVID-19?
I would like to receive business resource updates from the City of Scottsboro.
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